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    2. Japan Inc Braces for Tough Annual Meeting Season

      Japan Inc Braces for Tough Annual Meeting Season
      Japanese companies including Sharp, Sony and Nissan may be in for a rough ride this week as investors emboldened by new governance rules seek to punish executives for low profitability and inadequate accountability from outside directors. The annual meetings season will hit a peak on Friday with 41 per cent of Japanese groups with a March fiscal year-end holding their AGMs...
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    1. During the process leading up to our Annual Meeting we received significant feedback from our stockholders, and we have  responded quickly and completely to that feedback.
      In Tempur Sealy Settles With Hedge Fund H Partners After CEO Ouster
    2. We believe the bifurcation of the Annual Meeting is in the best interests of NYRT and its stockholders. WW Investors intends to vote in favor of the plan of liquidation and all the directors standing for election, and fully supports the actions of the Board.
      In New York Reit (NYRT) Selects Winthrop REIT Advisors LLC as New External Advisor
    3. The Director Defendants also have unlawfully deferred the 2017 Annual Meeting until December 14, 2017, more than 15 months since the Company's last annual meeting held on September 12, 2016.
      In Hedge Fund Marcato Sues Deckers in Delaware Over Meeting Date