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    2. Twenty-Year Review of Audit and Non-Audit Fee Trends

      Twenty-Year Review of Audit and Non-Audit Fee Trends
      Audit fees are an indicator of audit complexity and risk. Higher risk audits require more auditor resources (hours, personnel, specialists, etc.) to reduce audit risk to an acceptable level. Analyzing fees by industry, company size, and location can provide insight into the level of risk andauditor effort various sectors of publicly listed companies entail...
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    1. I am honored to have the opportunity to serve on Sensata's Board of Directors and Audit Committee. I look forward to working with the Board to best serve the interests of Sensata's shareholders.
      In Sensata Technologies (ST) Appoints Connie Skidmore to Board of Directors
    2. SailPoint's track record of leadership in identity governance is unparalleled in the industry, and I look forward to providing strategic financial insight as a board member and chairperson of the audit committee.
      In SailPoint Announces Industry Veteran Michael J. Sullivan Has Joined Board of Directors and ...
    3. We are honored to have Karen join the ADI Board. Karen's expertise and international experience will add additional talent to our Audit Committee.
      In Analog Devices Welcomes Karen Golz to Board of Directors