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    2. Westfield State Feels a Donor's Wrath

      Westfield State Feels a Donor's Wrath
      THE BESTway for concerned alumni and supporters to hold university leaders accountable for irresponsible financial decisions is by withholding contributions. Westfield State University, which is under siege for its presidents lavish spending, is now feeling precisely that kind of sting. More than any internal investigation or state reprimand, a loss of donor funds hits a university where it hurts and provides a potent reminder to administrators of the need to ...
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    3. Governance and the Future of Detroit

      Governance and the Future of Detroit
      Detroit is one of my favorite cities in the United States. It is tough, salt of the earth, and marked by a special kind of beauty that reflects the pride, success, and progress of a time gone by. And, I love the energy displayed by Detroits deeply loyal citizens. Their unwavering commitment to their community garners my appreciation and respect...
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    1. We are delighted to welcome Bob McCarthy to RLJ's Board of Trustees.
      In RLJ Lodging Trust Appoints Robert J. “Bob” McCarthy to Expanded Board of Trustees
    2. We are very pleased to welcome Sharon Osberg to the Board of Trustees of Seritage.
      In Seritage Growth Properties Announces Appointment of Sharon Osberg to Board of Trustees
    3. We are pleased to welcome Pam to IRET's Board of Trustees.
      In Investors Real Estate Trust Announces Appointment of Pamela J. Moret as a Trustee