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    2. Reaction to Wall Street Journal Article on "Close Ties in the Boardroom"

      On Wednesday, the Wall Street Journal had a front page article discussing the pervasive problem of close ties on corporate boards (between board members and the executives they oversee). This is certainly a major concern in terms of corporate governance, but I'm curious as to whether our Members believe this is a problem which will always endure regardless of continued efforts to break up the "old boys club". Thoughts?
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    3. If You're Looking for a Board Seat, Mark Rogers Can Help

      If You're Looking for a Board Seat, Mark Rogers Can Help
      If youre looking for a board seat, Mark Rogers can help Interested in a paid, part-time job on a board in the financial or retail sector? Mark Rogerscan make the connection for you. The former corporate lawyer just added an upgraded service toBoardProspects.com, a social media site he runs thats geared for members of boards or those aspiring to serve on one. The upgraded service allows companies to post ...
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