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    1. The addition of Mitchell to our Board is a milestone achievement as it continues to reflect the next stage of growth for the Company, and furthers the development of its core asset, the Mont Sorcier Iron-Magnetite-Vanadium Project, located 18 kilometres from Chibougamau, Quebec, Canada.
      In Vanadium One Energy Appoints Mitchell Kidd to its Board of Directors
    2. I am excited about the future opportunities for XOR. It has the potential to change the critical field of organ transplantation, a life-saving innovation pioneered here in Canada. I am thrilled to be a part of this emerging world class Board and look forward to working with the management team.
      In XOR-Labs Adds Experienced Medical Device Executive Steven Plymale to Board of Directors
    3. Canada's corporate executives were among the loudest critics of a new Can$15 minimum wage in provinces like Ontario and Alberta, while the highest paid among them were raking in record-breaking earnings.
      In Top Canadian CEOs made more than 200 times average worker — study