1. Carl Icahn

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    1. We believe that if an offer is made for a company, it should be the decision of the shareholders – not the board – to decide whether that offer is worth accepting.
      In Activist Investor Icahn Ensures PayPal Primed for Takeover
    2. I am still concerned that one day you'll see a break like you had a few weeks ago.
      In Carl Icahn Predicts Major Stock Market Correction in 3 to 5 Years
    3. This is a great outcome for Hertz and its shareholders and I thank the Hertz board for taking this important step in putting the company back on track.
      In Hertz Adds Icahn-Backed Candidates to its Board
    4. Could the fact that Family Dollar's CEO, Howard Levine, has a future role in a Dollar Tree/Family Dollar merger have anything to do with it?
      In Carl Icahn: Family Dollar Board too Loyal to CEO
    5. Listen, (Levine's) father started the company, and he thinks it's his.
      In Carl Icahn: Family Dollar Board too Loyal to CEO
    6. It annoys me that they're using me now as sort of an excuse for them not doing something with Dollar General a long time ago.
      In Carl Icahn: Family Dollar Board too Loyal to CEO
    7. True corporate democracy does not exist in America and as a result many unfit chief executives are not held accountable. Poison pills and other board tricks disenfranchise stockholders. As a result entrenched chief executives and boards of directors may be protected even if they are ineffective.
      In Carl Icahn Attacks Companies That Protect 'Unfit' Chief Executives
    8. I believe that the kind of shareholder activism that Icahn Enterprises practices has been extremely successful because we seek to bring true corporate democracy to the companies we are involved with through exercising our rights as shareholders to hold chief executives accountable and change unproductive management that needs to be changed.
      In Carl Icahn Attacks Companies That Protect 'Unfit' Chief Executives
    9. I certainly, shall we say, don't seek love from a lot of people. I can understand him saying that, and maybe I do have a fighting gene, but I think it's very important for our society today that you have guys like me.
      In Boards shouldn’t be country clubs: Icahn
    10. The only difference is that I think that this is a terrifying situation for our economy and our future.
      In Boards shouldn’t be country clubs: Icahn
  3. Quotes about Carl Icahn

    1. Mr. Walters is a friend of Carl Icahn's.
      In U.S. Says Gambler Made Clorox Trades After Calls With Icahn
    2. Yet in pursuit of his own profit motives, Carl Icahn has made another unsubstantiated attack on John.
      In eBay Rejects Icahn Nominees as Fight Goes to Shareholders
    3. But when I see Carl Icahn, I look the other way.
      In Starbucks' Howard Schultz Reveals the Sight of Feared Activist Carl Icahn Causes Him to Look Away