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    2. Board Remains Behind Dimon

      Board Remains Behind Dimon
      To Wall Street,Jamie Dimonlooks like the Teflon C.E.O. Despite mounting legal problems atJPMorgan Chase, including a tentative $13 billion settlement which is expected to end several federal and state investigations into questionable mortgage practices, Mr. Dimon appears solidly ensconced atop the nations largest bank. On Sunday, several JPMorgan executives said, as they have for months, that the banks board remains firmly behind Mr. Dimon, who is both ...
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    1. The one advantage of having them separated is if you get a mediocre CEO it is a lot easier to do something about it if you've got a separate chairman.
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    2. What I hear our CEO telling us is that some tough decisions will need to be made soon.
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    3. The tender offer is an aggressive entrenchment move aimed at enabling the CEO to use the shareholders' money to gain control over the company.
      In How Wall Street Enabled A Controversial Power Grab At A Wannabe Berkshire Hathaway