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      Glass Lewis just announced it is opposing Liberty Global's $123M pay package for CEO Mike Fries -- noting that it is 4X the average compensation received by other executive officers. However, despite Glass Lewis' comment that such pay inequity may be an indicator of "serious long-term" problems with company's board-level management and oversight, the proxy advisory firm is only voting against one director for compensation policy concerns. Shouldn't ...
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    1. Our research found that median CEO pay has continued to rise post-SOP. While this continued increase was disappointing to the advocates of SOP, this was not surprising to corporate directors, executives and most institutional investors.
      In Say On Pay Votes Have Not Reduced CEO Pay
    2. This is a critical finding that suggests that the labor market for CEO pay remains robust, but the post-SOP governance environment may have constrained pay at the top of the distribution.
      In Say On Pay Votes Have Not Reduced CEO Pay
    3. We consistently find evidence that supports the argument that compensation consultants are hired to justify higher CEO pay to the board, shareholders, and other stakeholders.
      In How Compensation Consultants Use Data to Ratchet up Pay of CEOs