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    1. Each senior executive will also be granted 245,750 stock units and 502,550 stock options on November 1.
      In Hefty Pay Hike, Stocks for Infosys Managers, Executives
    2. A recommendation shaped by Kay would ignore signing bonuses, pensions and perks — including company airplane, car, driver, club memberships and home security systems — along with out-of-the-money stock options when making pay-for-performance assessments.
      In CEO 'pay' definition remains unclear as SEC struggles to meet Dodd-Frank
    3. There is no doubt that proxy advisors and large institutional investors have influenced pay design, particularly with respect to the growing use of performance-based equity plans and a continued shift away from stock options, in both prevalence of usage and weight.
      In American CEOs Got Biggest Raise Since 2013 Last Year