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    2. What I’ve learned being an ‘insider’ | Economy

      What I’ve learned being an ‘insider’ | Economy
      I’ve been in Australia for a little while now as part of my many professional responsibilities. In addition to running Sovereign Man and several other businesses, I am also the Chairman of the Board of Directors a company that’s listed on the stock exchange here in Australia. I’ve been on the Board for almost two years, and I’ll admit it’s been one hell of an ...
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    1. Diane's strong background in technology and the digital economy will be extremely valuable to us as we continue to execute on our strategies to deliver customer and shareholder value.
      In United Technologies (UTX) Elects Diane Bryant to Board of Directors
    2. A stronger economy depends on investors, employees and the wider public having trust and confidence in companies and those that are running them.
      In Cable clamps down on firms that 'operate in the shadows'
    3. The changes will help to create the right environment for long-term, responsible private sector growth, which will in turn support a stronger economy and a fairer society.
      In Executive pay: problems that could spark a second shareholder spring