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    2. Activist Hedge Fund Starboard Value is Looking at MGM

      Activist Hedge Fund Starboard Value is Looking at MGM
      Activist Hedge Fund Starboard Value is Looking at MGM The stock rallied after the announcement last Thursday By Ken Trester , Editor, Power Options Weekly To receive further updates on this MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM ) trade as well as an alert when its time to take profits, sign up for a risk-free trial of Power Options Weekly today . This morning I am recommending ...
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    1. That GE chose to exit and finally own up to its cumulative chicanery rather than face its first Fed-supervised stress test is one of the first real successes of Dodd-Frank.
      In David Einhorn Really Ripped Into GE in his Fund's Quarterly Letter
    2. These businesses essentially operate as independent companies, but trade as one under EMC's corporate structure.
      In EMC Gets Einhorn Investment, Adding to Activist Pressures
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    1. Lilian was an early investor in the TILLING technology that underpins Arcadia's non-GM health and nutrition portfolio.
      In Arcadia Biosciences Welcomes Lilian Shackelford Murray to Its Board of Directors
    2. As best we can tell, GM does not recognize its $34 stock price is a problem and has no plan to address the discount to its intrinsic value.
      In This One Metric Tells You All You Need to Know About Why Einhorn Is Moving on GM
    3. Arcadia has a robust pipeline of innovations in its non-GM wheat platform and other nutritional products that fit consumer needs in health and wellness.
      In Albert D. Bolles, Ph.D. Joins Arcadia Biosciences Board Of Directors