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    2. HP Names Yoky Matsuoka to Board of Directors

      HP Names Yoky Matsuoka to Board of Directors
      (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- HP Inc. (NYSE: HPQ) today announced the appointment of Yoky Matsuoka to its Board of Directors. Matsuoka is an accomplished executive and technologist who brings more than two decades of leadership experience to the HP Board. She currently serves as a Vice President at Googles newly formed health care technology group...
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    1. I've long admired Google's and Alphabet's positive impact on people across the globe.
      In Alphabet (GOOG) Adds TIAA Ceo Roger Ferguson as Director
    2. Although ISS has not identified any major issues regarding the structure of Google's executive compensation in past years, the magnitude of total pay provided to certain executives, paired with a lack of performance criteria and compelling rationale, raises significant concerns.
      In ISS Recommends Google Shareholders Withhold Vote for Three Directors
    3. This is a long overdue move by Google.
      In Google Turns a Page With New Alphabet Parent