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    1. Ann's expertise in growing a BPO business and her particular expertise in human resources provides an important perspective as we build our business to succeed in a complex global environment.
      Kevin Murai in SYNNEX Corp. Names Ann Vezina to Board of Directors
    2. Katie and Vicki are two highly accomplished professionals who add to our Board's depth and perspective on critical topics such as public policy, human resources, corporate responsibility and communications.
      In Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Expands Board with Election of Katie Beirne Fallon and Vicki Williams
    3. Jan has broad operational, financial and leadership experience from her long career in the food industry, with particular expertise in marketing, strategic planning, risk management, production and human resources. I believe Jan will be an asset to Welbilt and its shareholders.
      In Welbilt Announces Nomination of Jan Fields to Board of Directors