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    2. More Women in the Boardroom Equals a Better Business

      More Women in the Boardroom Equals a Better Business
      The most recent corporate gender diversity survey by Moodys Investors Service found that 29% of corporate board seats in North American and Europe were held by women in 2022, a 5% increase over two years ago, reported CNBC . In America, women occupy 27% of board seats, up from 22% in 2020. The benefits of having greater gender diversity has been linked to better credit ratings for companies and better performance ...
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    1. Our license to operate depends on us having strong environmental policies, making sure our people go home safe every day, paying attention to human rights and just general corporate social-responsibility issues.
      In Business Risk from Climate Change Now Top of Mind For Canada's Corporate Boards
    2. Chevron appreciates Azzad's constructive engagement and commends them for recognizing our actions related to human rights.
      In Exclusive: Chevron, Investor Reach Deal on Myanmar Shareholder Resolution
    3. Amazon has actually adopted as a corporate policy, the International Human Rights statement that supports the standards of the International Labor Organization, which prohibits captive audience meetings.
      In Taking the Amazon Union Battle to the C-suite: Shareholders Fight Back Against "higher immorality"