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    2. Dysfunction in the Boardroom

      Dysfunction in the Boardroom
      For years women have sought greater representation on corporate boards. And most boards say they want more diversity. So why did women hold only 16.6% ofFortune500 board seats in 2012? And why, for the past six years, has that percentage been relatively flat, increasing by just two points, according to data from the research firm Catalyst?
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    3. Running Better Boardroom Discussions

      Running Better Boardroom Discussions
      I sit on a board as a nonexecutive director and often feel uncomfortable about the amount of time availableto raise questions and debate issues. In addition, I recently worked with a different board on how toadd more value to the business. In this role I found myself counseling one of the directors to ask fewer questions and make fewer comments.
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    1. Our license to operate depends on us having strong environmental policies, making sure our people go home safe every day, paying attention to human rights and just general corporate social-responsibility issues.
      In Business Risk from Climate Change Now Top of Mind For Canada's Corporate Boards
    2. The human rights angle is one of the main ways they get people to follow [BDS].
      In BDS Fight Moves From Campus to Corporate Boardrooms — and Stakes Rise
    3. We thought it was critical to send these companies a message that they need to be concerned about the risks they could be potentially facing around human rights.
      In Investor Activists Press U.S. Prison Operators on Human Rights