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    2. Pernod Ricard: Activist Target Pernod Boosts Board Independence with New Role

      Pernod Ricard: Activist Target Pernod Boosts Board Independence with New Role
      PARIS (Reuters) - French spirits group Pernod Ricard named business veteran Patricia Barbizet to the newly created role of lead independent director on Wednesday as it faces pressure from activist investor Elliott to improve its governance. Pernod Ricard, which makes Martell cognac and Jameson whiskey, also said longtime founding family ally and former chief executive Pierre Pringuet was stepping down as vice-chairman of the board, although he will remain a director...
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    1. During her career as a public servant, Kelly has distinguished herself and has been widely recognized for her independence and her ability to work collaboratively across political lines to serve the best interests of her constituents and her country. I look forward to working with her on the board.
      In Caterpillar (CAT) Names Kelly Ayotte to Board of Directors
    2. VW's supervisory board is short of people with relevant experience and skills and — significantly — independence.
      In Volkswagen Governance ‘Uniquely Awful’
    3. It's great that he has skin in the game, but with a stake that large it's bound to conflict with a sense of independence.
      In Tesla’s Addition of Larry Ellison to Board is a ‘home run appointment’, Analyst Says