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    2. The Challenge of Governance Reform at Nissan

      The Challenge of Governance Reform at Nissan
      A panel tasked by Nissan Motor Co. to strengthen the major automakers governance in the wake of the scandal centering on ex-Chairman Carlos Ghosn has called for separation of the execution and supervision of its business, blaming the alleged wrongdoing on the concentration of too much power in the hands of the former charismatic leader...
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    1. In corporate Japan, big pay gaps within the same company leads to lower motivation among employees.
      In Japan Firms Have No Plans to Strengthen Governance After Ghosn Arrest
    2. Shareholders have suffered from the subsidization of Ito Yokado for so long that Seven & i is emerging as one of the most crucial tests for the success of corporate governance reform in Japan.
      In Loeb’s Third Point Takes Stake in Japan’s Seven & I Holdings
    3. It's not politically correct anymore to oppose putting women on corporate boards, even in Japan.
      In It's Not Demand Holding Women Back From Joining Japan's Boards