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    1. Debbie is a seasoned executive with deep financial and audit experience. She also served as the senior account executive for some of KPMG's largest and most prominent clients.
      In Allogene Therapeutics Appoints Deborah M. Messemer, Former KPMG Managing Partner, to Its Board
    2. The special review focused on certain specific transactions that Amarchand and KPMG were asked to look into. While strong alternate controls ensured that OnMobile did not incur any financial loss, the board called for a review of the governance mechanisms and internal controls to further strengthen them.
      In OnMobile's governance woes: What went wrong?
    3. Based on a recently-concluded special review completed by our legal advisors, Amarchand Mangaldas and Suresh A. Shroff, advocates duly supported by KPMG, the board of directors today took on record the report submitted and noted that the review had identified weaknesses in some processes.
      In Arvind Rao resigns as OnMobile chief