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    1. "Carl brings a wealth of experience that is directly relevant to our objective of delivering technology-driven, value-added solutions for our customers. OM Group will benefit from Carl's leadership and valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy of organic growth and synergistic acquisitions."
      In OM Group Announces Appointment Of Carl Christenson To Board Of Directors
    2. “From a community perspective, we’re trying to create a destination for prospective board members and corporations where they can go in on a daily basis and read boardroom news, discuss best practices and [work on] recruitment”
      In Can ‘LinkedIn for Boards’ Aid Recruitment?
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    1. For any whistle-blowing policy to be successful, attentiveness and strong leadership is required by the board and senior levels of management to create a culture that is open, honest and encourages people to speak out, without fear of retribution.
      In 'Take corporate governance seriously'
    2. After an extensive search process, the Board of Directors has determined that Doug Dietrich is the most qualified candidate to assume the leadership of Minerals Technologies.
      In Minerals Technologies Board of Directors Elects Douglas T. Dietrich Chief Executive Officer 13
    3. Bill has been instrumental in CP's turnaround and his leadership will be missed at the board level.
      In Canadian Pacific (CP) Announces Resignation of Pershing Square's Ackman from Board