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    2. How The First 15 Minutes Of Amazon’s Leadership Meetings Spark Great Ideas And Better Conversations

      How The First 15 Minutes Of Amazon’s Leadership Meetings Spark Great Ideas And Better Conversations
      Former Amazon executive John Rossman recalls attending meetings of the companys senior leaders (S-teams) and sitting in silence for fifteen or twenty minutes before an active discussion began. During that silence, CEO Jeff Bezos and the other senior leaders were participating in a ritual that could radically transform your businessit did for Amazon...
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    1. "Carl brings a wealth of experience that is directly relevant to our objective of delivering technology-driven, value-added solutions for our customers. OM Group will benefit from Carl's leadership and valuable perspectives as we continue to execute our strategy of organic growth and synergistic acquisitions."
      In OM Group Announces Appointment Of Carl Christenson To Board Of Directors
    2. “From a community perspective, we’re trying to create a destination for prospective board members and corporations where they can go in on a daily basis and read boardroom news, discuss best practices and [work on] recruitment”
      In Can ‘LinkedIn for Boards’ Aid Recruitment?
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    1. Duetto's record year of 40% growth in revenue and headcount represents an exciting and evolutionary time for the company. As we enter into our next phase, now is the right time to transition leadership, and we are confident in our ability to drive Duetto forward with this impressive team.
      In Duetto Announces Leadership Appointments
    2. Kurt has been our Lead Director and an invaluable member of our Board for over twelve years.  His leadership, industry knowledge and trusted advice have contributed to the success of Globus for many years, and we wish him well in his future endeavors.
      In Globus Medical Announces Board of Director Addition and Departure
    3. We are very happy that Lorie is joining Alamo Group's Board.  She brings a wealth of operational and financial expertise along with strong public company governance experience.  Her leadership experience with a multinational manufacturing company will assist us in our future development.
      In Alamo Group Inc. Announces The Appointment Of A New Board Member