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    1. Having made a career in the financial services industry Gary brings extensive Wall Street expertise to Spirals' board -- particularly having worked as an equity trader on the floor of the NYSE for 25 years.
      In Spiral Toys Appoints Gary Paccagnini to Board of Directors
    2. NYSE Euronext is introducing this new range of indices in response to rising demand for responsible investment. Investors seeking long-term profits built on sustainable development are convinced that incorporating extra-financial criteria into research gives a better global view of company risk.
      In NYSE Euronext and Vigeo launch ESG indices
    3. Thanks to our partnership with NYSE Euronext, our data and opinions on the corporate responsibility of the hundreds of companies we review will now reach a wider audience – financial operators keen to identify companies mastering sustainability risks.
      In NYSE Euronext and Vigeo launch ESG indices