1. President Trump

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    2. Activist Investors May Use New Tax Law to Push for Big Stock Buybacks

      Activist Investors May Use New Tax Law to Push for Big Stock Buybacks
      Activist investor Glenn Welling of Engaged Capital succeeded last year in getting two directors installed onto the board of Benchmark Electronics Inc. ( BHE ) as part of a campaign targeting reforms to the company's working capital management and capital allocation plans. Afterwards, the company installed a new CEO . Its share price has mostly been on an upward trajectory since, trading recently around $30 a share...
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    1. Following the election of President Trump near the end of 2016, a greater emphasis was placed on American manufacturing. We'll be watching to see if this influence has any sort of impact on compensation next year, and whether the industry stays in this upward trend.
      In Middle Market CFO Pay Increases Outpaced CEO Pay
    2. It honestly appears as if President Trump's personal views of CNN (bad) and Fox News (good) are the key drivers behind his administration's antitrust policy.
      In Broadcom, AT&T and Disney Will Definitely Bring Deal Drama in 2018
    3. President Trump thinks he's a tough guy because he's taking on farm workers who make nine or ten bucks an hour; he's a tough guy because he can throw moms and dads out of this country.
      In Bernie Sanders' Latest Fight is About CEO Pay and Wall Street Reform