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    2. Helios and Matheson Hires a Second Proxy Advisor

      Helios and Matheson Hires a Second Proxy Advisor
      The parent company of MoviePass gave another indication Thursday that it's struggling to convince shareholders to back its plan to reverse-split its stock for the second time in four months. Helios and Matheson, which bought a controlling stake in the subscription movie ticket service last year, has hired a second firm to help it collect investor votes, it announced..
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    1. It's almost impossible to set up a proxy advisory (firm) today
      In SEC round table discusses shift in who pays for proxy-voting services
    2. The proxy advisory firm must provide the recipient of the advice with disclosure that provides notice of the presence of a significant relationship or a material interest.
      SEC in Proxy Advisers Must Disclose Conflicts of Interest, SEC Says
    3. Any potential perceived misuse of executive perks will continue to raise the ire of shareholders and proxy advisory firms and provide for headline news.
      In CFO Perks Leveled off in 2014, But CEOs Received Big Increases