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    1. In connection with Mr. Steinhafel's departure from Target, he is entitled to severance payments under Target's Income Continuation Plan.
      In Steinhafel could get $26 million in Target severance
    2. The donation, which will be made immediately, has been deducted from any severance benefits that may be due Moonves following the Board's ongoing independent investigation led by Covington & Burling and Debevoise & Plimpton.
      In CBS Shakeup: New Board Members Named
    3. In terms of finances, your conduct has required the company to incur significant and unwarranted expenses, including expenses associated with litigation and defense costs, significant settlement payments, substantial severance packages that were granted to employees, and unwarranted business expenses that you incurred for personal reasons.
      In American Apparel CEO Fighting 'Vigorously' to Retake Company