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    2. Bernie Sanders to Walmart: Your Workers Need Higher Wages

      Bernie Sanders to Walmart: Your Workers Need Higher Wages
      Much of the Walmart family fortune -- roughly 1.5 billion Walmart shares -- is controlled by the three children of co-founder Sam Walton, who have a combined net worth of about $141.5 billion, according to Bloomberg. Other Walton heirs hold $676.9 million worth of company shares, with the family's overall wealth coming to $175.2 billion as of mid-February. A Walmart spokesperson declined to comment on Sanders' tweet ...
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    1. ADP's Board is concerned that Pershing Square's extreme, swing-for-the-fences proposals and unqualified nominees would disrupt client services and damage relationships, putting ADP – and the value of shareholders' investments – at significant risk.
      In Ackman Targets Retail Investors in ADP Proxy Contest
    2. Glass Lewis finds validity in (Bill Ackman's firm) Pershing Square's overall thesis and we have determined that a sufficient basis exists to support the Dissident's solicitation for minority representation on the ADP board.
      In Glass Lewis Recommends ADP Investors Vote for Ackman's Slate
    3. Square has long recognized the potential for artificial intelligence to help expand access to the economy and level the playing field for business owners.
      In Square Names Anna Patterson to Board of Directors